2024 Board of Directors
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the 2024 Board of Directors with ACHE of South Florida.

For nearly fifty years, ACHE of South Florida, formerly known as the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF), has been dedicated to the professional development of its members throughout the region by providing diverse educational and social activities.

If you have a passion for EDUCATING, ENGAGING and INSPIRING (#EducateEngageInspire) and would like to volunteer, please complete the submission form below by 5:00pm on Sunday, October 1, 2023. No submissions will be accepted after this deadline. All applicants must meet eligibility criteria and may only submit for one position.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Board of Directors

    • To pursue a position on the Board of Directors, candidates must:

    • Be a current non-student member of ACHE of South Florida in good standing.
    • Have their primary (home) chapter listed as ACHE of South Florida for at least 1 year.
    • Have been involved or participated with the chapter over the preceding 12 months.
  • Chapter Officers

    • To pursue a position as President-Elect, candidates must:

    • Be a current member of the Board of Directors in good standing.
    • Have served as Chair of a committee for at least 1 full year within the past 3 years of pursuing the position as Chapter Officer.

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Is ACHE of South Florida your primary (home) chapter?

How many years have you been a member of ACHE of South Florida or the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF)?

Please select your position of interest.

Please list your involvement with ACHE of South Florida over the last 12 months. Please include any chapter functions, events, or meetings that you attended as well as any way you have volunteered to serve the chapter.

Have you ever volunteered for ACHE of South Florida or SFHEF?

Please include a brief biography describing your history with ACHE and ACHE of South Florida, professional experience and why you wish to become a member of the Board of Directors.

Do you currently serve on the Board of Directors for any other organizations?

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Upload a CV, references and any other relevant information you would like to include for consideration. (Word, PDF only) (Highly encouraged.)

  • Members of the Board of Directors serve an important role within the organization. The future of ACHE of South Florida is in large part ensured through the active participation of the Board. Service as a Board member holds certain expectations in terms of involvement, participation, support and commitment to ACHE’s mission.
  • As the premier professional organization representing more than 48,000 healthcare executives from around the world, ACHE and ACHE of South Florida strive to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct.
  • If elected to serve on the Board of Directors for ACHE of South Florida, I agree to;
  • a. abide by all legal and ethical standards as required by the Bylaws and governing documents of ACHE and ACHE of South Florida, including;
    • i. not using the position, or knowledge gained there from, so that a conflict might arise between Chapter interest and that of the Board Member.
    • ii. disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.
  • b. attend and actively participate in 11 Board meetings.
  • c. attend educational programs and networking programs. These tend to be hosted monthly.
  • d. assist in securing sponsorships for the organization.
  • d. volunteer as needed for special assignments and projects..

I confirm that I meet all of the eligibility criteria and that all of the information I have included is true. I understand that information from my nomination submission form may be confirmed and that any false statements may disqualify me and result in removal from the Board, if elected.

*Submissions closed