Student Membership Transition Program




The ACHE of South Florida Board of Directors has established the funding to provide students who are transitioning from student membership to full-time membership an opportunity to apply for a one-year subsidized membership. ACHE of South Florida will support the cost of the first year of membership post-graduation.


At the time of application submission, applicants must be:

  • Located in South Florida market and plan to remain active and part of ACHE South Florida chapter.
  • A graduate of one of the ACHE South Florida HEN programs. ACHE HEN Programs include:
    • University of Miami
    • Nova Southeastern University
    • Barry University
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida International University
    • Keiser University
    • Palm Beach State College
    • South University
  • Within 1 year of graduating from their program (Graduate or undergraduate)

Applications will be accepted now thru Feb 15, 2024.

Please submit the online application for the ACHE Student Membership Transition program. You will be asked to fill out basic demographic information and a brief response.

If you have any questions, please email


Email Address

Phone Number

Month/Year graduated

School graduated

How many ACHE Events have you attended in the past 12 months?

Please answer the questions below and submit a two paragraph response to each:

1. How impactful has your student membership in the South Florida Chapter of ACHE been?

2. How will you plan to stay involved and active with your membership in ACHE of South Florida?

I confirm that I meet all of the eligibility criteria and that all of the information I have included in this application is true. I understand that information from my application may be confirmed and that any false statements may disqualify me.