Regent Messages


Fall 2019

We have a lot to be thankful for this year with ACHE through all the accomplishments in our very own chapters. I am proud to see both chapters moving the needle with the reinstatement membership campaign. Central Florida reinstated 66.9% and South Florida 55.4% of members who had lapsed membership accounts. These percentage points of reinstatement go to all the hard work over the last year on the programming, networking, and chapter events that seek the appeal of our members. What a great accomplishment to each chapter. ACHE is now offering an auto-renewal option. This is a great feature and I hope you will take advantage of this. Login to now to activate this membership option today.

We have a total of 1,680 members between the two chapters of Central and South Florida, of which 12.6% have the credentials of FACHE. With the efforts of programming over 40 programs this past year have assisted in more than 200 of the 1,680 members becoming eligible for Fellow advancement. I hope all our members and especially our Fellows will reach out to the 200 eligible for advancement to encourage them to apply for Fellow advancement within ACHE.

Vigorous work has gone into this year to be thankful for all the achievements. At the ACHE Chapter Leaders Conference in September, South Florida Healthcare Executives Forum took home the Diversity Award for the year. Way to go to this chapter for dedicating their programs, networking, and board to Diversity. At this conference, both our Chapter Presidents had an opportunity to highlight the chapters and the successes that are happening within Central and South Florida. Thank you to both Victor Rosenbaum, FACHE and Charles Felix for their service and commitment to ACHE. It has been a pleasure to work with each of you.

Two service awards have been given out this year as well. These two individuals have received the ACHE Service Award for their volunteer activities throughout all of ACHE activities.

Special thank you to Jake Poore and Gloria I. San Miguel

Annual Regent Awards - This is one of the hardest parts of being a Regent, selecting the senior and early careerist awards with over 1,680 members to choose from as I know everyone is dedicated to their career and the mission of ACHE. This could not have been done without the Regent Advisory Council, which is made up of five individuals, plus me, who assist in nominating and selecting the award recipients for the Regent awards - Victor Rosenbaum, FACHE, Charles Felix, Haroula Protopapadakis, FACHE, Kenneth Wong, and Daniel Honerbrink, FACHE. Thank you for serving ACHE and assisting my role in selecting these profound recipients.

Central Florida:

  • Senior Career Award: Daniel C. Honerbrink, FACHE
  • Early Career Award: Neil A. Mangus, FACHE

These two recipients received their award at the Annual Florida Hospital Association Meeting, ACHE Luncheon with their peers and our other Florida Chapters in October.

There is still time to get involved. See the list of upcoming events that are near your areas. Keep reading, watch your emails for the session reminders and invites, continue to attend events and stay engaged. It's all part of ACHE's values of continuation of learning!


December 9-12

  • ACHE Orlando Cluster


January 18

  • ACHE Central Florida Annual Gala, Orlando, FL

January 22

  • South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum- Installation Dinner, Davie, FL

March 23–26

  • Annual ACHE Congress, Chicago, IL

I wish each of you a warm and safe holiday season and I am looking forward to all the new and exciting activities that we are moving forward with for 2020. Have a great holiday and I will see all of you in the New Year!

If I can help you in any way in my role as Regent, please call on me.


Ashley R. Vertuno, FACHE

Regent for Florida - Eastern

Chief Operating Officer

Westside Regional Medical Ctr-HCA


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