Regent Messages


Fall 2020

About a week ago, I joined a new hospital, new role, new leadership teams. That is a lot of new going into the final months of the year. Prior to arrival, I was asked to share some of my leadership philosophies for my new team to get to know me. During a section of my orientation and introduction with my leadership team I shared the difference in “WHY” vs. “Vision”. In its simplicity, I shared that our hospitals’ why is like a house. Every house has a foundation; it is where we come from, who we are, and the things we give to the world. We can only have one why and one foundation. When you start in an organization, this is one of the most important components to understand, the why in order to build the vision.

Next, I shared what is the difference in vision. To build upon the house analogy, vision is the structure of a house, walls, ceiling, paint, etc. This is the ability to add to the foundation. As I continued with the example, I explained this is where we are going to our hospital, the world we are trying to build, a just cause – willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of the organization. I shared these differences as there are contradictions that one is greater than the other. Meanwhile, I believe you must have both, which one being the launchpad to opening all endeavors. Sharing the differences with my team really set the movement to the team launching into 2021.

As we near the end of 2020 and head towards 2021, look back at your why and understand the foundation upon what you have built this year. Use it as the starting point to recreate a new vision for 2021. For ACHE, we have learned so much with keeping our members engaged through virtual learning. This will continue to happen in the future as we build upon more advanced technology platforms and into Congress 2021.

At this time, I would like to recognize three men who received this year's Regent Awards. I can not explain to all of our members about all the accomplishments these three ACHE of Central Florida board members have displayed this past year. They continue to go above and beyond, lead the way through ACHE's mission, vision, and values, and are lifelong learners.

Jorge Amaro, MBA, ACHE - Regent Award for Exceptional Leadership. He has been instrumental in leading the members of Central Florida over the last year through virtual presentations and coming up with ways to keep our members engaged during the new virtual world.

Neil Mangus, MHA, FACHE - Regent Award for Exceptional Leadership. Neil stepped up in a time to cover the president's role as well as led the orchestration for the state-run board of governors prep course in Florida.

Victor "Vic" Rosenbaum, FACHE - Regent Award for Senior Careerist. Vic has been the person to keep the board and members moving in the right direction during this year. He has also been asked to serve on one of ACHE's publication committees and continue to be a servant leader giving back to our healthcare community.

Congratulate these three men on their well-deserved awards!

In closing, continue to monitor ACHE, ACHE of South Florida, and ACHE of Central Florida’s website of upcoming learning sessions. We hope to see everyone at an event.

Stay safe during the holiday season. If there is anything, I am able to do for you, please feel free to contact me.


Ashley Vertuno, FACHE

Regent for Florida-Eastern

Chief Executive Officer, JFK Memorial- North Campus


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