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Summer 2020

Who would have thought we would all be running a marathon this year? With a pandemic lasting longer than we all expected, our lives have been changed forever. Has this prompted you to think about what the next generation of leaders should look like in your organizations? Modern Healthcare did a poll on what boards will be looking for in future CEO’s. The article and research came up with seven skill sets.

- Composure under pressure
- Emergency preparedness
- Flexibility under changing conditions
- Financial and operational turnaround experience
- Supply chain management
- Telehealth innovation
- Developing alternative revenue streams

These seven skills set really had the ability to come forward over this year as we have all been running our longest marathon. We are fortunate to have ACHE providing virtual education sessions with renowned leaders who have these skills and can teach all of us how to do it better and to continue to run until we get to the finish line. Check out ACHE’s COVID-19 resources and education sessions on

At the end of the day, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, says it best, “Today, more than ever, it’s time to drop the “I”—embracing “we-dership,” not self-entered “me-dership.” Others always stand on the shoulders of leaders to accomplish the goals of the organization. Indeed, it’s always about the team.” ACHE is here to support, and WE will continue to beat anything together.

In closing, I want to give a huge shout out to the all our ACHE Florida chapters, as a state, we hosted an ACHE Board of Governance prep course. We had 61 participants who spent 48 hours virtually preparing for their exams. I am very excited to see these members continue their journey to become Fellows of the American College of Healthcare Executive. This could not have occurred without the leadership of Neil A. Mangus, FACHE, President-Elect of ACHE of Central Florida, his leadership with all chapters, and making this happen with his team really raised the bar for our two local chapters! I cannot wait to see all these future fellows in the spring at convocation in person at Congress 2021.

Make sure to check out ACHE of Central Florida and ACHE of South Florida for upcoming virtual events coming your way and stay tuned, as a College we will continue to evolve and bring education to you! If I can help you in any way in my role as Regent, please call on me.


Ashley Vertuno, FACHE

Regent for Florida-Eastern


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