Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

April 2020

Ayana Miller, FACHE

Ayana Miller

One of the best ways to break into the healthcare job market or to move ahead in one’s career is to establish connections within the industry. This is why it’s especially important to join organizations that provide networking events, educational opportunities and mentoring programs, such as ACHE of South Florida. As the organization’s Student Services Chair Elect, Ayana Miller, FACHE, manager of business operations, Broward Health, encourages prospective healthcare professionals to join as early as possible.

“While I was earning my master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University, I became a member of the South Florida Health Executive Forum (now ACHE of South Florida.) One of the reasons I joined was for the educational and networking events that enable early careerists and students to engage with healthcare professionals,” she explained.

“These networking opportunities are very important because they provide a very relaxed platform where a range of people can meet, from students to those just starting out in healthcare to very seasoned professionals,” she continued. “Everyone is in the same room, sharing information and getting new ideas, and learning from those with more experience in the industry.”

Miller is also passionate about ACHE’s focus on mentoring, because she believes that students and those new to the healthcare field provide a fresh approach. As the Student Services Chair Elect, one of her goals is to make it even more comfortable for students to attend events.

“When students are more at ease, they are able to benefit more from these interactions,” she explained. “I also want to let prospective members know more about the student services we offer upfront; not just what ACHE of South Florida offers, but what is provided on a national level as well.”

Miller, who is originally from Jamaica, earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Florida State University, and her master’s in business administration with a concentration in health administration from Nova Southeastern University.

“Healthcare has always been a part of my life,” she said. “My mom is a nurse, so I’ve always been surrounded by it. It’s a passion of mine to help others.”

As part of the revenue cycle team at Broward Health for the past 12 years, Miller works in the central business office where she oversee four departments. Prior to that, she worked at a company that provided comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services at facilities throughout Florida.

“The best part of my job at Broward is implementing procedures that improve the care we provide to the community,” she said. “I like seeing the impact we have on patient care day-to-day.

“The challenge is that there are always different hurdles to face in healthcare, but you just have to get over them as quickly as possible.”

Miller appreciates the advice that she gets as a member of ACHE of South Florida, which helps her excel in her job.

“Having this communication between healthcare leaders helps me stay current with healthcare industry trends,” she explained. “Sometimes when you’re working day in and day out, you can find yourself in a silo. This organization lends itself to interacting with all different types of healthcare leaders which is key to staying on the cutting edge.”

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