Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

June 2021

Randy Gross, FACHE

Randy Gross

By Vanessa Orr, South Florida Hospital News, for ACHE of South Florida

When Randy Gross, FACHE, CEO of Broward Health Imperial Point, joined the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) as a graduate student in 1997, he hoped that it would help him learn more about the healthcare field. What he didn’t realize then was that it would open the door to his current position.

“I joined Broward Health Imperial Point in December of 2019, and two months prior, I’d been at an ACHE-sponsored CEO forum where I participated in a two-day interactive workshop that included the CEO of Broward Health,” explained Gross. “A couple of weeks later, the job opened up at Imperial Point and I applied, and the fact that I’d gotten to know the CEO in that type of setting assisted with the interview process.”

Gross grew up in the healthcare field. His father was a hospital administrator, and Gross was intrigued by the idea of working with such a diverse group of people in such a complex position. “Looking at the challenges that he faced day-to-day propelled me into the field,” he said. “Administrators have to constantly reinvent themselves to deal with all of the evolving challenges in healthcare.”

Gross attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, where he earned a BS/BA in accounting and a dual master’s degrees in business administration and health services administration. He joined Broward Health Imperial Point from HCA Healthcare’s Kendall Regional Medical Center, and also served as CEO at Plantation General Hospital.

Since taking his current position, Gross has utilized his experience in ACHE, first as a member and then as a Fellow, on a daily basis.

“Healthcare is one of the most complex and regulated fields, and you have to keep up to speed on the latest standards,” he said. “Knowing how to attract and retain employees is key, because they are our most important asset and drive quality, outcomes and the patient experience.

“You can’t be stagnant in this career, and ACHE brings many of the tools you need to the table,” he continued. “The opportunities are there to continually network, to be a mentor to someone, to receive continuing education and to build a community. You just have to take advantage of everything the membership offers.”

Gross gives the example of a recent ACHE Congress, where he was able to learn what other markets were doing in terms of virtual and telehealth services. “You can use ACHE to find prospective employees, learn about recruiting and retention, engage with doctors, and learn how to constantly improve,” he said. “You can’t underestimate the value of that.”

Because he believes in leading by example, Gross took the ACHE Fellowship path, and recommends that other members do the same. “It’s a big commitment to do it and maintain it, but it’s a great way to set a good example and to encourage others to constantly learn and grow,” he said.

“One of the things that I love about Broward Health is that they encourage growth and development and networking, and ACHE presents the perfect platform for that,” he added. “It is invaluable when looking at how to improve our quality and service to patients, and ways to better serve the community.”

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