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By Lois Thomson, South Florida Hospital News, for ACHE of South Florida

The demand for healthcare services continues to accelerate while pressure is being applied to provide those services on a “do more with less” basis. LeanTaaS offers a service that enables healthcare facilities to do just that.

Combining AI with prescriptive analytics, LeanTaaS is able to help providers be more efficient in scheduling and maximizing OR utilization, making the healthcare experience better for everyone involved. The company is currently working with 700 leading hospitals, 180 health systems – including 16 of the top 20 – and about 5,200 ORs.

As Manager, Solutions Executives at LeanTaaS, Diana Gillogly stated, “With all of the data that hospitals and facilities collect, in the absence of optimization of that data, organizations are frequently information poor.” However, she went on, “Through our tools, and more importantly, our transformation as a service ethos, we help drive optimization of the OR. We address creating more capacity and advertising it to the right providers on the right days; using an innovative, surgeon centric approach to allocating and repurposing blocks more efficiently; increasing visibility and transparency of data for all stakeholders; and taking data for our partners to an information rich state, consistently driving change to improve KPIs.”

In other words – all of those things you might imagine that come up when looking at OR efficiency and how to get more accomplished. “It really speaks to being able to do more with less resources, optimizing the resources you have, and realizing more through-put during prime-time business hours.”

In her position, Gillogly manages a team working with prospective clients, connecting them to folks who are already benefiting from their partnership with LeanTaaS, and listening to the problems they’re having operationally. “We are able to identify process improvement opportunities and point to best practices to help solve challenges they’re currently facing in the OR state.”

Gillogly, with her Masters in Global Health, has been in healthcare for more than 25 years – “I started in molecular biology research, studying mRNA and prostate cancer. This inspired me to develop a clinical documentation and outcomes research solution with surgeon specialists, incorporating outcomes measures into regular practice and flow” – becoming a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) before joining LeanTaaS.

Having been a member for several years, Gillogly has high praise for ACHE for a variety of reasons. “It is where I come for continued career development,” she said. “I think it is important to collaborate with people, and it’s a great place to come, conspire and share ideas, and hear people who are facing similar challenges and coming up with exciting solutions. I might not know the challenges somebody is facing today, but I’ve been around long enough to know that they will come around (to me and partners with whom I work).”

Gillogly said she also appreciates the fact that, while she travels a lot, no matter where she goes, she feels a connection with the local ACHE chapter. “You have very similar passions driving it – making sure we’re doing things to take the best care of patients efficiently, in the most economical way, while still focusing on the quality-of-care people receive.”

In encouraging others to join, she said she believes ACHE gives the best opportunity to collaborate with people who have a real passion for healthcare, who are identifying challenges, solving problems every day, searching for solutions, and are incredibly driven to find answers, “so that we can offer the best healthcare in the world in the U.S. That’s why I love being a part of ACHE.”

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