Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

June 2023



By Lois Thomson, South Florida Hospital News, for ACHE of South Florida

Ashley Chacko began her career at Cleveland Clinic Florida, advancing from an Office Coordinator position in Neurology to the Director of Executive Administration for the Cleveland Clinic Florida region when she left 8 years later. She left to join Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the recognized leader in comprehensive musculoskeletal care delivery, management, and value creation. “HOPCo’s market transformation strategies and musculoskeletal platforms are disruptive, drive stakeholder alignment, and truly change how MSK care is delivered,” Chacko explained.

Chacko is the Vice President of Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning at HOPCo. Her team translates data to drive strategic decision-making and improves HOPCo’s understanding of market opportunities to drive actionable initiatives. “We identify and prioritize business development opportunities, develop growth strategies, and execute tactics for our health system, insurance, and practice partners, and identify and assess markets for HOPCo’s future growth.

“Specifically, we look at markets and identify ones that are best suited for HOPCo to enter; we then identify where the growth opportunities exist, determine how we can achieve those growth goals, and create a strategy to transform those markets in a synergistic way for our partners. We aim for full market transformation, so we work with the physician groups, health systems, and payors within the market – our focus is to align all of the stakeholders.” Chacko continued, “Stakeholder alignment allows standardized delivery of care that drives quality outcomes, patient safety, satisfaction, and reduced costs.

“Our ultimate goal is to elevate the standard of care delivered in a market, and once we are able to do that, the patients are the ones who benefit.” Chacko said the ultimate driver is the patients, to help improve the quality of healthcare that’s rendered for them. “We are constantly asking ourselves, ‘How do we do that, how do we lower the cost, make it more accessible? How can we deliver consistent, high-value, evidence-based MSK care?'”

Chacko has been a member of American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) since 2018. She is currently on the 2023 Board as Network Chair-elect. “There is no denying the power a strong professional network can have over your career success,” Chacko stated. “When students graduate from school, they have the foundational knowledge, but don’t necessarily have the opportunity to network with healthcare executives. Networking provides access to job opportunities, professional connections, career advice, new ideas, and valuable information that helps with career and personal growth. The reason that I have been able to grow in my career is because people saw my potential and gave me a chance to advance, and I strongly believe it is my responsibility as a healthcare leader to do the same for others.”

With that in mind, Chacko said she would absolutely encourage people to join ACHE. “There is so much value in it – from exchanging ideas with fellow members to potentially opening doors to new opportunities. Regardless of the stage of your career, ACHE provides lifelong learning through various programs and experiences to participate in such as face-to-face local and regional programs and virtual webinars.

“ACHE members are part of an extraordinary community of healthcare leaders. As we continue to connect, learn, and lead, we have an opportunity to work together to truly innovate and transform the way we deliver healthcare.”

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