Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

February 2024



By Lois Thomson, South Florida Hospital News, for ACHE of South Florida

Elizabeth Rochaine’s journey into the world of healthcare administration is a testament to her passion for people. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Wellington Regional Medical Center, Rochaine’s career began in audiology. While pursuing her masters at Vanderbilt University, she observed inefficiencies in clinics and, unsatisfied with the status quo, pursued a dual masters, combining audiology with an MBA in Healthcare.

In her role as COO, Rochaine has the responsibility of overseeing the hospital’s day-to-day operations, implementing CEO Pam Tahan’s strategic vision, and ensuring Wellington delivers optimal services to the community. Rochaine thrives on the dynamic nature of healthcare operations, embracing the challenge of improving existing programs and enhancing patient experiences.

Although she initially loved the patient-facing aspect of her work, Rochaine realized that by stepping into an administrative role, she could indirectly impact far more lives. Her commitment to the hospital’s mission and the thrill of facing new challenges every day fuel her dedication.

This marks Rochaine’s second stint at Wellington, having served as Assistant Administrator six years ago. Active in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), she is Board Certified in Healthcare Management, having earned the prestigious Fellow designation in 2022. Rochaine emphasizes the importance of giving back, serving on the Board of ACHE of South Florida as the Sponsorship Chair Elect, fostering partnerships to support educational programs.

Rochaine’s enthusiasm for ACHE extends to its mission of disseminating information and facilitating learning about healthcare policies and management. She sees it as an opportunity to connect with diverse professionals in South Florida, navigating the unique healthcare landscapes of Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade, and Broward.

For Rochaine, involvement with the community is key, and she finds Wellington’s community-based environment aligning seamlessly with her passion. Her goal is to contribute to the healthcare footprint in Palm Beach County, recognizing the distinctiveness of each region within South Florida. As she actively engages with ACHE and pursues her mission, Elizabeth Rochaine embodies the spirit of transformative leadership in healthcare administration.

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